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Electronic Research Notebooks

Cedars-Sinai offers the Electronic Research Notebook (ERN) services of LabArchives, a secure, cloud-based solution for research data management.

Open to all Cedars-Sinai basic, translational and clinical researchers at any level, ERN services are provided at no cost to you and can help you organize, store, export and share your research data.

Users will also have access to Inventory, a LabArchives inventory management module to organize storage and track usage of lab items, and to help organize requests for ordering.

Getting Started

  1. Enter your primary Cedars-Sinai email address (e.g. or select 'Cedars-Sinai Medical Center' from the drop-down menu.
  2. On the linked page, enter your standard Cedars-Sinai credentials.
  3. Logging into LabArchives off-site requires Okta Multi-Factor Authentication via the 'Okta Verify' app on your mobile device.

Getting Started

Notebook Entries


Security and Access



No. Like ERNs, Inventory is provided free to all Cedars-Sinai personnel.

Yes. There is an import template to upload your inventory information. It is organized by Inventory Type which can be customized in the Lab Management section of Inventory.

Yes. Inventory items and orders can be searched and filtered as well as exported for reporting and ordering purposes.


  • Inventory Types: There are nine default types to categorize inventory items, but you can modify to match the types used in your lab. You can customize the details fields for the defaults, delete the ones that aren’t relevant (with the exception of the General and Chemical type), and create your own new types.
  • Storage: You can create a multilevel representation of your storage locations so that you can view items from multiple perspectives. You can even set up a Freezer Box and then populate the Freezer Box in Inventory to match up with its current physical inventory.

It is Cedars-Sinai policy that PIs are owners of all ERNs created by lab personnel. Similarly, PIs should be assigned a lab manager role in Inventory. However, there is no limit on the number of people who can have the lab manager role. Typically, a lab manager or similar position, as well as the PI, will be assigned a lab manager role, while others may be assigned lab member roles, but that is up to you.

No. Inventory allows for approval (if desired) and organization of order requests from the lab. These requests can then be exported as a “shopping list” to enter into the PeopleSoft ordering system.

The Inventory program has been designed to be mobile friendly. From your mobile device’s browser, you can scan QR codes you’ve generated from the program. Simply select the camera icon near the search window on the Inventory menu to scan.

Currently, the DYMO LabelWriter is supported along with cryo-label (DTCR 9138-6000), which includes a circular QR code and separate label. Expanding the list of supported printers and allowing for custom formatting is being planned for a future release.

Access and Support

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