Training & Curriculum

Structure and Organization

The fellowship is structured as a period of two years, with intensive clinical training concentrated in the first year and continuation in the second year dependent on the fellow's academic interests. During the first year, the fellow will spend a minimum of five half-days per week at clinics, rotating clinical preceptors among movement disorder specialists and attending physicians in neurosurgery and psychiatry. A quarterly review to identify strengths, weaknesses and academic areas of focus will be conducted. The second-year schedule is expected to be more flexible, to leave time for research activities (see Program Overview).

In addition to clinical care, the fellow will have access to regular educational conferences, including the following:

  • Weekly video rounds, during which videos of patients are reviewed and discussed
  • Biweekly research meetings
  • Monthly neurosurgery conference
  • Monthly journal clubs
  • Other meetings of interest (monthly neurogenetics conference and weekly neurology grand rounds)

Sample Weekly Schedule