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Statement of Academic Freedom

The students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty members of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences are entitled to full freedom in pursuit of their research endeavors, in the funding thereof and in the publication and dissemination of results.

Moreover, this freedom extends to teaching and public discourse in their area of expertise. In these pursuits, all members participating in the graduate programs will be free from institutional censorship within a framework of appropriate and responsible civic behavior.

The institution does not, however, condone actions contrary to its own bylaws or policies and practices, accepted norms for the responsible conduct of research, or behavior in violation of laws that govern the community, the state or the nation.

The physicians, scientists and students of the graduate programs are granted these freedoms to pursue their academic mission in an unfettered and unimpeded manner. It is their obligation to limit these pursuits to questions that focus on intellect and knowledge and not personal beliefs or passions.

It is understood that the role of the academician is to introduce into the laboratory, the clinic or the classroom those areas that have relation to their subject, and to excel in communication relevant thoughts, ideas and concepts.

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