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Ritchie Ho, Phd, Cedars-Sinai
Personal Statement

"All aspects of my previous scientific training and current research objectives have a direct relevance to the mission of my program. I have published research on embryonic spinal cord development, signaling and epigenetic mechanisms regulating stem cell and somatic cell identity and the relationship between cellular maturation, aging and late-onset diseases. My areas of technical expertise include molecular biology, stem cell reprogramming and differentiation, microscopy and a suite of computational biology methods to analyze large gene expression data sets as well as clinical data from patients. In addition to my research, I have actively contributed service in academic roles including didactic instruction, mentorship, engagements with industry, public outreach, technology transfer and peer review. Cedars-Sinai has a rich scientific environment that provides my laboratory the necessary resources for leading-edge translational research and training."

Ritchie Ho, PhD

  • Mapping the Intersection of Tissue and Cell Type-Specific Signatures of Maturation and Aging to Neurodegeneration
  • Delineate Gene Expression Networks Conserved or Diverged Across Human and Rodent Species
  • Engineering Strategies That Can Accelerate Maturation, Aging and Late-Onset Disease Readouts in All Systems
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