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Pierson Lab

Personal Statement

I am a physician-scientist with more than 20 years of clinical and basic science research experience focusing on rare neurogenetic disorders. My goals are to help families with these disorders in the clinic as well as studying the disorders in my laboratory. I did my research training in the laboratory of Bert O’Malley, MD, working with the mifepristone-inducible gene system for gene therapy. I then completed pediatric neurology training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, followed by a fellowship in neurogenetics at the National Institutes of Health, as well as being an early member of the Undiagnosed Diseases Program at NIH prior to moving to Cedars-Sinai. At Cedars-Sinai, I have worked to organize the Pediatric Neurogenetics Clinic and am part of the Center for the Undiagnosed Patient. My laboratory research focuses on developing methods to better understand and treat neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders of childhood."

Tyler Mark Pierson, MD, PhD

Rare neurogenetic disorders are often caused by mutations that alter the function of important genes involved in neurodevelopment, or genes that can lead to neurodegeneration. Many of the genes involved in neurodevelopmental disorders are crucial to the choreography of brain development leading to issues with cognition and behavior. Alternatively, pediatric neurodegenerative disorders occur after normal brain development with subsequent dysfunction of cells within the nervous system leading to their demise. Our group studies both types of these disorders with patient-derived IPSCs, inducible-neurons and cerebral organoids to provide insight into neurologic function, as well as researches therapeutic interventions for affected families. 


The Pierson Laboratory is supported by the Diana and Steve Marienhoff Fashion Industries Guild Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Neuromuscular Diseases and the Fashion Industries Guild Endowed Fellowship in Undiagnosed Diseases.

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the scientists, faculty members, investigators and other healthcare professionals of the Pierson Laboratory, whose dedicated efforts lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

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Contact the Pierson Lab

Pavilion, Room 8418
8700 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Fax: 310-423-1244


Fax: 310-423-1244