Hematopathology Fellowship

The Hematopathology Fellowship is an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education–accredited program that provides comprehensive training in diagnostic hematopathology, including bone marrows, peripheral smears, lymphomas, coagulation, special testing, cytogenetics and molecular hematopathology.

The mission of the fellowship is to:

  • Provide outstanding education in all aspects of hematopathology.
  • Provide fellows with the medical knowledge, diagnostic skills and experience to practice as outstanding academic or community hematopathologists.
  • Prepare fellows to pass the American Board of Pathology Hematopathology subspecialty exam.
  • Prepare fellows to become effective educators.

The program provides ample resources including a generous annual educational stipend and support for clinical and translational research.

Image: Castleman disease (also known as giant lymph node hyperplasia and angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia), hyaline-vascular type. Upper left, low-power microscopic image of a section of enlarged lymph node showing many follicles with regressed germinal centers. Upper right, high-power microscopic image of a regressed lymphoid follicle with hyalinization and radially penetrating vessels. Lower left, high-power image of interfollicular stroma showing hyperplastic vessels lined by plump endothelial cells. Lower right, CD21 immunostain highlighting the follicular dendritic cell meshwork.