Neurocritical Care Fellowship

Program Overview

Neurocritical Care Fellowship Director Asama Moheet, MD, (on the right) with Kara Melmed, MD, Class of 2017 Neurology resident, at the Neurocritical Care Society's 13th Annual Meeting.

The Neurocritical Care Fellowship is a two-year program, accredited by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS), that is geared toward highly motivated individuals who are interested in pursuing academic or clinical careers. Cedars-Sinai is a leader in providing high-quality healthcare encompassing primary care, specialized medicine and research.

Fellows work with the Cedars-Sinai Neuroscience Critical Care Division, which operates a world-class, 24-bed unit that specializes in the management of critically ill patients with neurological conditions. State-of-the-art care in the unit is provided by a multidisciplinary team comprising full-time neurointensivists, clinical fellows, nurse practitioners, neurology and anesthesia residents and a dedicated neurocritical care pharmacist. Clinical fellows gain experience in a variety of procedures. Research training also is included in the curriculum.