Inside the Center

The Women’s Guild Simulation Center is comprised of three distinct areas, the:

  • Entryway – This is where you will register for your simulation experience and secure your badge access while you are in the center. Please note that your badge must be worn at all times while in the facility. Likewise, you’ll need to badge out once you leave the center at the end of the day.
  • Debriefing rooms – There are three separate classrooms where you and your team will meet before and after simulations in order to share what happened. Debriefing is valuable to learning as it’s been found that 80 percent of mistakes are associated with basic human error and not technical skills. Instructors will observe your communication, teamwork and leadership and videos of your simulations may be reviewed here in a group discussion afterward.
  • Clinical environment – The clinical environment includes two fully equipped and functioning operating rooms, an ICU, Ob-Gyn room and a trauma bay. In addition, there is a PICU/NICU and multiple rooms for skills training and development. The center also includes a fully equipped computerized simulation room with tools to practice robotic surgery and GI/ bronchoscopy, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, urologic, neurologic, cardiovascular procedures and ultrasound procedures.

Simulation Center Map  


Debriefing Rooms

The debriefing rooms include three classrooms that can hold 20-25 people. While the classrooms are set up in a traditional lecture-style setting, the room accommodations are modular and meant to be moved in order to facilitate group dialogue and open discussions among teams. 



Clinical Environment


The intensive care unit is a functional space with all equipment that might be found in a standard ICU including crash cart and intubation supplies.


The neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit provides a wealth of training opportunities for hands-on simulation and also includes a classroom-style setting that can accommodate 20-25 participants.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

There is a fully functional labor delivery and recovery room to simulate obstetrical and gynecological cases. A mannequin with several patient-simulators – including a premature infant and a newborn – is available.

Operating Room 1

This is a fully supplied operating room with access to a large control room to aid in live, hands-on simulations.

Operating Room 2

This space includes a da Vinci Surgical System for robotic skills training and simulation.

Skills Teaching Patient Room

We have two skills rooms that mimic a patient room setting exactly. Both are complete with space to accommodate four to six participants.


Skills Teaching Training Room 

This is the perfect room for hands-on course demonstrations and practice drills such as basic and advanced life support classes, CPR, phlebotomy and much more.

Skills Small Training Room 

This small-room setting provides an opportunity to sharpen surgical skills with real-life equipment and true-to-life tissue samples for suturing and laparoscopic cases.

Trauma Room

Equipped with standard emergency department supplies and equipment, the trauma room allows enough space to accommodate a full emergency medicine team for drills and training.

Virtual Reality Skills Room

The VR skills room is one of the most requested simulators in the center. Here we have an anatomy table that’s perfect for standing demonstrations, as well as practice in GI/ bronchoscopy procedures, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, urologic, neurologic and cardiovascular procedures, ultrasound procedures and robotic surgery.