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Program in the History of Medicine

The Cedars-Sinai History of Medicine Program explores the evolution of medical knowledge and practice from antiquity to the present. Bringing together historians, clinicians, scientists and ethicists, we combine historical methods with contemporary biomedical knowledge to advance our understanding of the relationship between medicine, science and technology, the nature and experience of disease, healthcare ethics, medical education, and the changing roles of institutions, practitioners and patients in the world of medicine. Our programming, including a biweekly seminar series that hosts international authorities and a variety of six-week courses offered throughout the year, emphasizes the social and institutional contexts of medicine and biomedical science, inequities in healthcare, and the many ways in which developments in anatomy, physiology and pathology have influenced the prevention of disease. The program serves as a hub for historical research, where historians collaborate in a unique “laboratory” for the study of medical and scientific history.

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Courses in the history of medicine at Cedars-Sinai.
Inside Tsitsernakaberd - The Armenian Genocide memorial complex

The Center for Medicine, Holocaust and Genocide Studies is an interdisciplinary research center affiliated with the History of Medicine Program.

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