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Fellows in the Endovascular Neurosurgery Fellowship at Cedars-Sinai are selected after a careful evaluation among highly competitive applicants with medical degrees and completed or about to be completed residencies in neurosurgery, neurology or radiology. 

In order to be considered for this position, applicants need to demonstrate exceptional clinical proficiencies, impeccable interpersonal skills, superior academic productivity in the form of published peer-reviewed papers or competitive research grant awards and a strong focus and dedication to the study and treatment of neurovascular disorders.

These talented individuals selected for the Endovascular Neurosurgery Fellowship will be mentored to further enhance their academic profile, under the supervision of experienced neurosurgeons, neurologists and radiologists, as well as neuroscience physicians and research scientists specialized in cerebrovascular diseases, basic science and translational research in neurovascular abnormalities. 

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If you have questions or would like to learn more about our fellowship program, please contact:

Diana Merritt, Program Manager