Anesthesiology Residency Faculty

Program Director

Roya Yumul, MD, PhD, CHSE
Vice Chair, Academic & Research, Director, Anesthesia Simulation, Professor, Anesthesiology

Internal Faculty

Julianne Ahdout, MD
Syed S. Ali, MD
Laura Audell, MD
Vice Chair, Director, Comprehensive Pain Services
Galinos Barmparas, MD
Assistant Professor, Surgery
Ryan Barnette, MD
Bruce Baumgarten, MD
Terry Biel, MD
Karen K. Butterworth, MD
Brandon T. Charles, MD
Tony Chiang, MD
Daniel Chien, MD
Calvin L. Cho, MD
Henry G. Chou, MD
Joseph Chung, MD
Shawn Coleman, MD
Christian Consilvio, MD
Jennifer Cutler, MD
Nicola D’Attellis, MD
Michele C. Dee, MD
Hailu Ebba, MD
Asher Emanuel, MD
Azita Far, MD
Leah Fast, MD
Ashkan Farzad, MD
Katherine Gelber, MD
Andrew Geller, MD
Avner Gereboff, MD
Hooman Golfeiz, MD
Trevor Graifman, MD
Jeffrey Grewal, MD
Haesun Han, MD
Ethan E. Harow, DO
Katrina L. Harper-Kirksey, MD
Zain Hasan, DO
Jonathan Hausman, MD
Program Director, Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management Fellowship
Adrienne M. Hervieux, MD
Kevin M. Hsu, MD
Bahdad Jahromi, MD
Janet Y. Jha, MD
Jenessa K. Job, MD
Calvin Johnson, MD
Robert Kariger, MD
Michelle Kim, MD
Michael Kissen, MD
Sindhu Krishnan, MD
Abirami Kumaresan, MD
Cheuk Yin Lai, MD
Ellis Lai, MD
Terrence Lai, MD
Chihjen Lee, MD
Gene Lee, MD
Assistant Program Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship
Yong-Jian Lin, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology
Jessie Lo, MD
Mirjana Lovrincevic, MD
Jacklyn C. Ma, MD
Wenli Ma, MD
Kevin O. Maghami, MD
Yan C. Magram, MD
Moody Makar, MD
Peter Mazanec, MD
Eric McDaniel, MD
Brian Mendelson, MD
Monica M. Miller, MD
Bahar A. Mjos, DO
Roy Mongkolpradit, MD
Jessica Murphy, MBBS
Anand V. Nagori, MD
Megumi Nakamura, MD
Robert Naruse, MD
Tariq Naseem, MD, BS
Kaveh Navab, MD
Yelena Neyman, MD
James B. Nguyen, MD
Evelyn Norel, MD
Elnaz Omran, MD
Aileen L. Pan, MD
Kishan M. Patel, MD
Michele Pelot, MD
Ryan J. Perlman, MD
Gabriel Pollock, MD
Li Qin, MD
Iman Rabizadeh, MD
Katherine M. Rodenbeck, MD
Robert Rogers, MD
Howard Rosner, MD
Director, Chronic Pain Anesthesia, Fellowship Director, The Pain Center, Professor, Anesthesiology
Michael Sanchez, MD
Elliot S. Schwartz, MD
Lorraine Sdrales, MD
Vice Chair
Sydney R. Selzer, MD
Milad Sharifpour, MD
Nancy L. Sicotte, MD
Chair, Department of Neurology, Women's Guild Distinguished Chair in Neurology, Professor, Neurology, Director, Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Program
Robert J. Siegel, MD
S. Rexford Kennamer MD Chair, Cardiac Ultrasound, Medical Director, Clinic for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Aortopathies, Professor, Medicine
David Sisco, MD
Christy L. Slingwine, MD
Alejandro Sloninsky, MD
Daniel Sullivan, MD
Glenn Tan, MD
Sho Tanaka, MD
Jun Tang, MD
Nirmala M. Thejomurthy, MD
DeSean Thom, MD
Mary Vijjeswarapu, MD
Director, Acute Pain Anesthesia, Associate Program Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship, Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology
Colby D. Vongchaichinsri, MD
Tuyen Q. Vuong, MD
Leon Wang, MD
Alanah K. Webb, MD
Peter M. Wingfield, MD
Robert Wong, MD
Stephen X. Yang, MD
Jill Yaung, MD
Mark Zakowski, MD
Program Director, Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellowship
Christopher Zarembinski, MD
Darab Zarrabi, MD
Catherine Zhang, MD
Vida Zhang, MD
Manxu Zhao, MD
Nan Zhu, MD
Laura Zung, MD
Program Director, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship

External Faculty

Farin F. Amersi, MD
Division Clinical Chief of Surgical Oncology, Director, Surgical Residency Program, Associate Professor, Surgery
Eric Ley, MD
Director, Surgical Care Fellowship Program, Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Michael Nurok, MD, PhD
Director, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, Medical Director, Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit, Director, Department of Cardiac Surgery
Shlee Song, MD
Vice Chair, Neurology System Integration, Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center, Director, Telestroke Program, Associate Professor, Neurology

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