Research Training

The Women's Guild Lung Institute has a collection of world-class researchers doing basic, clinical and translational research in various lung illnesses. Fellows in our program will have the opportunity to do research within well-funded laboratories that are recognized for their work lung pathologies. Ongoing research programs at Cedars-Sinai include areas such as:


Remodeling of the respiratory epithelium in mice following infection with H1N1 influenza virus: H1N1 infection triggers alveolar damage, shown here by loss of alveolar type 1 cell staining with PDPN (red). Two weeks after influenza infection, patches of basal cell (white) appear in regions that are undergoing repair. Green is membrane-targeted GFP in lineage-tagged airway luminal progenitor cells that are marked using Scgb1a1-CreER knock-in mice. Image courtesy of Samriddah Ray, PhD, Stripp Lab.