Clinical Scholars Program

This innovative program will provide funding, career guidance, education and skill acquisition for aspiring clinical scientists working at the Medical Center.

Essential Elements of the Program

  • The program is directed towards residents (in the later years of their training), fellows, and young faculty with aspirations to become clinical scientists.
  • All training programs and clinical departments are eligible to nominate candidates for competitive admission.
  • The program duration is two years but in special cases, admission for a one year program, which combines full time research with participation in the curriculum, may be considered.
    • Year 1 — part-time curriculum in translational medicine and clinical research
    • Year 2 — full-time research under the supervision of an experienced mentor.
  • Potential funding for up to one year of full-time research for those judged to be most competitive for future funding.
  • Required plan for a K award or other grant from NIH to be tabled during the first year with application for funding to be awarded during research year.

Outcome Criteria

  • The principal criterion for a successful outcome is the production of a successful clinical scientist who will have an impact on a field of clinical science upon graduating from the program.
  • The essential requirement for defining a successful outcome will be a successful application for peer-reviewed research support, particularly a K-series grant from NIH.
  • Competitiveness in the job market would also be a goal of the program. This would be assessed by the following:
    • Research publications
    • Grant support
    • Likelihood of future grant support based upon current work
    • Presentation and communication skills
    • Breadth of scientific understanding
    • Entrepreneurial approach
  • Specific personal qualities and skills will be developed while in the program:
    • Dedication to solving a scientific problem
    • Ability to formulate a hypothesis or relevant research question
    • Ability to present information to others
    • Ability to review basic and clinical research critically
    • Appreciation of the relevance of a broad range of scientific disciplines

Ongoing Career Development at Cedars-Sinai

Clinical scholars who excel will be viewed as potential faculty recruits. Appropriate discussions will be initiated with such individuals to ascertain whether their career goals can be served by a faculty appointment at Cedars-Sinai, including considerations of start-up support for an independent research career.