Clinical Scholars Program

Clinical Scholars Graduation 2017

Major components of the Cedars-Sinai mission include service to the community as well as educating and training healthcare professionals and medical research personnel. The Cedars-Sinai Clinical Scholars Program helps fulfill this mission by offering formal clinical research training to those aspiring to pursue academic and research careers.

Clinical Scholars Program Mission Statement

  • Educate physicians and other doctoral-level clinical healthcare professionals about the broad foundations of clinical and translational research—in a spirit of creativity and independence—to optimize their likelihood of success in becoming productive clinical researchers.
  • Highlight the relevance of basic scientific knowledge to human disease, teach clinical scholars how such knowledge can be effectively translated into research and develop clinician-investigators who are focused on research related to prediction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

Clinical Scholars Program Objectives

  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers the basic knowledgebase required to engage in human disease-related research and teaches how such knowledge may be integrated into novel and creative applications of human disease research.
  • Deliver individual mentoring for clinical scholars to support human disease research careers.
  • Train clinical scholars to think, write and communicate scientifically, with an emphasis on proficiency in articulating ideas, knowledge gaps and hypotheses.
  • Educate clinical scholars in the development of fundable translational research proposals, including designing and conducting experimental plans, formulating a cohesive and logical research project application and completing competitive applications for appropriate grant programs.
  • Demonstrate the advantages and techniques of scientific networking and mentoring across clinical, applied health services and laboratory domains.
  • Offer instruction in leading-edge research methodologies and exposure to developing technologies relevant to human disease research.