Training & Curriculum

Mission Statement

The Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program strives to provide a high level of clinical training to our residents that accelerates their professional development in becoming a:

  • Highly skilled patient care provider
  • Resource, educator and mentor to others in the community that they serve
  • Competent consumer and contributor to the scientific literature
  • Board-certified clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy

Residency Goals & Objectives

  • Provide an environment that fosters the facilitation and acceleration of advanced clinical skills in the provision of the highest level of care to patients with neurologic diagnoses that is evidence based and results oriented.
  • Provide academic and clinical training for our residents to become a resource, educator and mentor to others in the community they serve.
  • Provide academic training and mentoring for our residents to become competent consumers and contributors to the scientific literature.
  • Provide academic and clinical training for our residents to become board certified clinical specialists in neurologic physical therapy.
  • Residency leadership team assesses program effectiveness to address curriculum, operational needs and resource sustainability.


The program's comprehensive curriculum is developed from and addresses the most recent version of the Description of Residency Practice (DRP). All curriculum components complement each other to enhance the participant's learning. The organization of the program's curriculum ensures congruency between didactic and clinical components. The curriculum provides a structure for the designation of types, lengths and sequencing of learning experiences that ensures the achievement of the program's outcomes.


Exposure to research opportunities within the department is included in the residency program.

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Maria Cecilia Alpasan, Program Director