Here at Cedars-Sinai Cancer we are dedicated not only to providing top-tier care, but also to training the next generation of clinicians and industry leaders. As translational research continues to expand, both in industry and in medical settings, there is a growing need for researchers and staff that understand the regulatory processes required to advance scientific discoveries into product development and clinical trials. Our new programs seek to address this need.

Graduate Certificate in Clinical and Regulatory Sciences

Cedars-Sinai Cancer’s Graduate Certificate in Clinical and Regulatory Sciences is a component of our graduate education programs intended to provide industry professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in the regulatory field. This hands-on program not only focuses on learning the basics of clinical and regulatory sciences, but also on real-world application of these concepts. Students will be engaged in Cedars-Sinai Cancer’s ongoing research initiatives and clinical trials to learn these valuable skill sets in a clinical environment. Currently offered virtually, the Graduate Certificate Program is available to professionals and students across the country to build a cohort with diverse perspectives and expertise. Through online coursework, collaborative exercises and on-site internship opportunities, students will be engaged in a variety of learning environments to make sure that you’re prepared with the valuable skills you’ll need when you’re done.

The Graduate Certificate Program is designed to be completed in one year, with four required courses. These include:

  • CSC 511: Introduction to Medical Product Regulation
  • CSC 512: Regulation of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products
  • CSC 517: Structure and Management of Clinical Trials
  • CSCR 605: Managing Organizations and Human Resources

Additional coursework may be offered throughout the year as electives.

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have questions or wish to learn more about the Clinical and Regulatory Sciences Graduate Certificate Program, please contact:

Clinical and Regulatory Sciences Graduate Certificate Program
4321 Beverly Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90048