Minors in Research

The Minors in Research initiative is a subset of the Research Internship Program which provides high school students enrolled in the 11th grade (ages 16-18) with an overview of biomedical research, access to faculty members as mentors and an opportunity to develop and enhance skills for greater college and career readiness. 

There are a limited number of paid summer internships funded by Cedars-Sinai available to local high school students currently enrolled in 11th grade (ages 16–18). 

From June 22 to Aug. 7, 2020, participants will be mentored by a Cedars-Sinai faculty member and exposed to a range of leading-edge technology in multiple disciplines and projects. Students participate a maximum of 40 hours a week.

Program Overview

Research internship projects will provide broad exposure to research fundamentals and cover a wide range of topics which may include:

  • Elements of the scientific process and project design
  • Basic biomedical research concepts and techniques
  • Overview and understanding of scholarly literature
  • Research discussions and presentation skills (lab meetings, journal clubs, etc.) 
  • Safety regulations and requirements for laboratory and research work
  • Principles and operations of academic research 

How to Apply

Have Questions or Need Help?

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Liztrelle Mangompit
Program Coordinator

Torie Gonsalves
Program Manager