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While standardized test scores are part of the application, decisions for acceptance into the Cedars-Sinai Neurology Residency Program are not based on minimum test scores. Rather, we consider the complete application, including curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, personal statement, as well as the applicant's experiences and publication history.

Yes we do. We are now linked with PGY-1 Internal Medicine Preliminary Program. Interviews are typically scheduled on the same day with Neurology interviews. Applicant will still have to rank both programs.

The program codes are: 

  • Med-Prelim/Neurology (Preliminary)
    • NRMP Program Code: 1030140P1
    • ACGME Program Code: 1400511040
  • Neurology (Advanced)
    • NRMP Program Code: 1030180A0
    • ACGME Program Code: 1800521165

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