Neurology Residency Faculty

Meet the program director and distinguished faculty members of the Neurology Residency Program at Cedars-Sinai.


Nancy L. Sicotte, MD
Chair, Department of Neurology, Women's Guild Distinguished Chair in Neurology, Director, Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Program

Program Director

Konrad H. Schlick, MD
Director, Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program, Director, Neurology Residency Program
Camille Malatt, MD
Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency Program


Omar Al-Louzi, MD
Director, Visual Outcomes Laboratory, Staff Physician I, Neurology
Michelle Allen-Sharpley, MD, PhD
Constantinos Anastassiou, PhD
Ronald M. Andiman, MD
Maranatha Ayodele, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Lisa Bateman, MD
Director, Cedars-Sinai Health System Surgical Epilepsy Program
Jessica Besbris, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Joshua Burda, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Director, Biobehavioral Core Biomedical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Jeffrey M. Chung, MD, FAAN
Associate Professor, Neurology, Director, Epilepsy Program, Director, Neurophysiology Laboratory
Michael Gezalian, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Brooke Guerrero, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Tanuj Gulati, PhD, MSc
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Jennifer Harris, MD
Ritchie Ho, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Elliot J. Hogg, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
David Hunt, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Marwa Kaisey, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Sarah Kremen, MD
Director, Neurobehavior Program, Associate Professor, Neurology
Shouri Lahiri, MD
Director, Neurocritical Care Research, Director, Neurosciences Critical Care Unit
Richard A. Lewis, MD
Director, Electromyography Laboratory, Professor, Neurology
Camille W. Malatt, MD
Abirami Muthukumaran, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Benedict R. Pereira, MD
Adam Perez, MD
Tyler M. Pierson, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Jeffrey N. Quinn, MD
Chrystal M. Reed, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Celine Riera, PhD
Jeremy D. Rudnick, MD
Associate Professor, Medicine, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery
Ueli Rutishauser, PhD
Board of Governors Chair in Neurosciences, Director, Human Neurophysiology Research, Professor, Neurosurgery, Professor, Neurology, Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Pascal Sati, PhD
Director, Neuroimaging Program, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology
Nasima D. Shadbehr, DO
Katlin Silm, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Alexis N. Simpkins, MD, PhD, MSCR, FAHA
Shlee S. Song, MD
Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center, Director, Telestroke Program, Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency Program, Associate Professor, Neurology
Steven N. Sykes, MD
Clinical Service Chief, Department of Neurology
Nicholas R. Szumski, MD
Michele Tagliati, MD
Caron and Steven D. Broidy Chair in Movement Disorders, Director, Movement Disorders Program, Vice Chair, Department of Neurology, Professor, Neurology
Echo E. Tan, MD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Zaldy Tan, MD
Carmen and Louis Warschaw Endowed Chair in Neurology, Director, Memory and Aging Program, Medical Director, Jona Goldrich Center for Alzheimer's and Memory Disorders
Yana J. Tavyev, MD
Director, Division of Pediatric Neurology, Director, PD Neurology
Shahed Toossi, MD
Director, Neuro ICU Fellowship Program
Tammy E. Yuen, MD

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