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Benjamin Fahimian, PhD
Director, Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Residency Program, Program Lead, Radiosurgery Physics
Anh Le, PhD
Associate Director, Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Residency Program, Radiation Oncology Physicist

Physics Faculty and Staff

Indrin Chetty, PhD
Vice Chair, Professor and Director of Medical Physics
Benedick Fraass, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Rob Cook, MS
Medical Physicist
John DeMarco, PhD
Chief and Professor of Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology Physicist
Maria Bellon, MS
Manager, Clinical Physicist (Affiliates)
Tai Dou, PhD
Radiation Oncology Physicist
Jennifer Dolan, PhD
Radiation Oncology Physicist
Elizabeth McKenzie, PhD
Radiation Oncology Physicist
Tiffany Phillips, PhD
Radiation Oncology Physicist, Lead Brachytherapy Physicist
Marianne Plunkett, MS
Clinical Physicist (Affiliates)
Jennifer Steers, PhD
Radiation Oncology Physicist
Subrahmanya Vedam, PhD
Radiation Oncology Physicist
Robert Wallace, PhD
Radiation Oncology Physicist, Professor

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Residency Program at Cedars-Sinai.

Chris Torralba, Program Coordinator