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Training & Curriculum

Residency Goals & Objectives

  • Train Residents to provide high-quality care using radiation oncology physics knowledge and skills that are both broad and deep, with special attention to patient safety.
  • Prepare the residents to become certified in radiation oncology physics through ABR or CCPM through didactic and practical training.


Through training and practice at a busy academic medical center’s radiation oncology department, the program will provide residents with comprehensive training in all aspects of radiation oncology physics. With a prioritization of high-quality clinical care, participation in clinical research and concentration on safety, problem-solving and attention to detail, our program will provide high-quality training to our clinical medical physics residents, preparing them for both clinical and academic environments in their future career as certified radiation oncology physicists.

Year 1

Year 2


Time Off and Dismissal Policies

Have Questions or Need Help?

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Chris Torralba, Program Coordinator