Program Statistics

Under the direction of Debiao Li, PhD, and Wafa Tawackoli, PhD, the Master’s Program in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine was launched and WASC accredited in 2017. Each year, 4-10 candidates apply and 2-8 are admitted. To date, 23 students have enrolled, 25% of whom are underrepresented minorities and 50% of whom are women; most have a background in physics or engineering.

Thirty faculty members, including MDs and PhDs, are affiliated with the program. In year 1 of the 2-year program, students receive extensive didactic training in MRI concepts, applications, and post-acquisition analyses, while year 2 focuses on individual mentored projects. To date, 21 students have graduated.

Have Questions or Need Help?

For inquiries, please contact Wafa Tawackoli, PhD, Associate Program Director.

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