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Braun Lab

Braun Laboratory, Cedars-Sinai

Distinguishing fecal metabolites in predisease Crohn's disease susceptible (upper) and resistant (lower) microbiome ecologies. From Jacobs J et al., Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2016 2:750.

Research in the Braun Laboratory involves the biology of mucosal-microbiome interaction and its impact on chronic mucosal inflammatory disease and cancer. The Braun Lab investigates the colon and how host genetics and mucosal microbial ecology shape intestinal immunoregulation, inflammatory bowel pathogenesis and intestinal carcinogenesis. This work is based in both human cohorts and in model and gnotobiotic mouse systems using innovative 'omic and bioinformatics-based approaches (functional immune assessment, tissue proteomics, genome-wide genetics and microbiome metagenomics and metabolomics).

Personal Statement

Cedars-Sinai and, in particular, the Inflammatory Bowel and Immunobiology Research Institute (IBIRI) is a fertile environment to expand my studies of inflammatory diseases affected by the microbiome and accelerate the application of the discoveries to patient care. As the former Chair of the UCLA Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, I have operational experience and insight to even further enhance the capacity and streamline the existing scientific infrastructure of IBIRI. As chair and member of multiple scientific advisory committees in the U.S. and overseas, I am afforded the opportunity to review and prioritize ongoing scientific efforts and building consensus and consortia to approach complex disease processes such as inflammatory bowel disease.

Jonathan Braun, MD, PhD

Breakthrough Research Areas
  • The Metaproteome: Assessing Microbiome Ecology From its Protein Features
  • Rosetta: Imputing Intestinal Microbiome Composition and Function from the Plasma Metabolome
  • Epithelial Autoimmunity in IBD Pathogenesis
Meet Our Team

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Contact the Braun Lab

110 George Burns Road
Davis Building, Room D4063
Los Angeles, CA 90048