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Hitchins Lab

Megan Hitchins, PhD.
Personal Statement

My scientific training, expertise and research interests throughout my career have focused on the role of altered genetic and epigenetic states in disease etiology and outcomes. My doctorate/postdoctoral training focused on the role of genomic imprinting (parent-of-origin epigenetic states) in embryogenesis and congenital disease. Thereafter, my research focus evolved to the study of cancer. A particular focus was the role of constitutional methylation (epimutation) as a new cause for high-risk cancer syndromes and the variable intergenerational inheritance patterns associated with this epigenetic defect."

Megan Hitchins, PhD

  • Identification and clinical testing of methylated DNA biomarkers for the detection of ctDNA in plasma: Early diagnosis and monitoring for cancer progression/response to treatment.
  • Identification of unusual causes for cancer predisposition in high-risk groups—typically in patients/families who received negative/uninformative/limited Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments-approved genetic test results, to detect cryptic germline mutations, structural variants (SVs), epimutation and variance of unknown significance reclassification.
  • Targeted pyrosequencing (detection and quantification of hot-spot mutations, CpG methylation, allelic expression, copy number variation, loss of heterozygosity). Applications: Verification, molecular diagnostics, particularly robust for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples.


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8700 Beverly Blvd.
Steven Spielberg Building, Room 119
Los Angeles, CA 90048