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Theodorescu Lab

The Theodorescu Lab focuses on identifying clinically relevant oncogenic drivers or suppressors of tumor growth and metastasis, translating this knowledge into useful biomarkers and therapies for precision cancer medicine. With expertise in cellular and molecular biology, in vivo cancer models, and translational research, the lab works with human tissues and conducts clinical trials. Our lab specializations include bioinformatics, functional genomics, and prognostic/predictive biomarker development, along with drug discovery, including immunotherapy.

Personal Statement

My Lab has successfully developed collaborations and led teams of scientists that have produced seminal contributions to science. Examples include the first demonstration that loss of the Y chromosome in cancer makes tumors more aggressive by allowing them to evade the immune system, the COXEN precision medicine approach tested in a national clinical trial (S1314), and the recently developed Molecular Twin Precision Oncology Platform. Our work also led to the discovery and development of a "first in class" RalGTPase inhibitor as a new therapeutic in cancer, now in pharmaceutical development.

Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD

Breakthrough Research

For the past 40 years, one of the most effective immunotherapies in any malignancy has been the intravesical instillation of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) for bladder cancer. BCG is an attenuated tuberculoid strain of bacteria that has become part of the standard of care for patients with bladder cancer.


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Laboratory Team

Job Opportunities

We are actively recruiting students and postdocs to be our colleagues and expand lab knowledge and expertise to make important breakthroughs.


The Theodorescu Lab collaborates with a wide range of investigators within Cedars-Sinai and institutions around the world.

Contact the Theodorescu Lab

8700 Beverly Blvd.
Davis Building, Room 3057
Los Angeles, CA 90048