Core Curriculum

All students are required to enroll in and complete the core curriculum during their first year at Cedars-Sinai. The core curriculum is an integrated course that teaches students the fundamentals of basic biomedical research processes and familiarizes students with the clinical implications and translational opportunities associated with such research.

During the first year, students will complete three courses which include Immunology/Infectious Diseases, Genomics/Genetics and Developmental and Cell Biology. In addition, students are required to complete Methods in Molecular Biology and Biostatics/Bioinformatics.  Students are also encouraged to attend additional lectures, presentations and talks given throughout the Medical Center.

During the second year, students must complete a Bioethics course as well as attend weekly Journal Club meetings, which are a requirement through to their fourth year.

Laboratory Rotations

Students are required to complete up to three laboratory rotations during the first year of the program. Laboratory rotations give graduate students an opportunity to experience several laboratory environments, research opportunities and investigators that they may be considering for their thesis research. These rotations also allow the faculty to evaluate students in a research setting and get to know the students. Laboratory rotations run congruent with the academic trimesters.

Students are expected to partake fully in the laboratories' activities, including group laboratory meetings, discussion groups and laboratory projects. Students are expected to arrange independently each of their  rotations with the Cedars-Sinai mentoring faculty who are actively participating in the program.