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Visual Arts and Artists Circle Program

The Cedars-Sinai Visual Arts and Artists Circle Program aims to explore the relationship between art and medicine and maintain a community of health professionals who create and share art. The program hosts sketch sessions, art exhibits, invited lectures and artists-in-residence to support the program aims.

Explore art and medicine

The Cedars-Sinai Artists Circle is the action arm of the program. Formed in 2022, the group currently hosts sketch sessions every two weeks. These sessions motivate participants to express their creativity regularly.

Sharing creative endeavors among Cedars-Sinai staff

The program hosts:

  • Sketch sessions
  • Art exhibits
  • Invited lectures
  • Artists-in-residence

Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more about the Visual Arts and Artists Circle Program.

Kurlen Payton, Program Coordinator