Software and Data Tools

The following resources are available through the Imaging Core. Please contact for more information.

Image Analysis Tools

  • cvi42
    Circle Cardiovascular Imaging cvi42 is a cardiovascular post-processing software for viewing and analyzing magnetic resonance (MR) and computed tomography (CT) images. This powerful software contains a 3D/4D viewer, multiplanar reformation capability, vessel segmentation and tagging capability, and analyzes LV/RV function, flow, tissue characterization, perfusion, T1 mapping, T2/T2* mapping, and more.
Coronary artery plaque quantification using cvi42


  • HARP
    Diagnosoft HARP is an FDA 510k-cleared software designed for the analysis and quantification of tagged magnetic resonance images. The easy-to-use software accurately measures regional function of the heart, including strain and torsion.
  • syngo.via
    syngo.via from Siemens is a visualization and image analysis software for medical image data. Several advanced semiautomated packages are available such as CT coronary analysis, CT cardiac function (enhanced), CT vascular analysis, CT neuro DSA, CT segmentation, MR neuro perfusion, MR 4D ventricular function, MR oncology, multimodality image visualization packages and more.
    AUTOPLAQ is a tool that allows automated plaque characterization and quantification from coronary CT angiography images.
  • QFAT
    QFAT is a tool that allows measurement of epicardial and thoracic fat from non-contrast CT images.

Data Visualization and Management

  • WebPAX
    The research WebPAX is a picture archiving and communication system available to Cedars-Sinai investigators allowing for convenient storage, access and retrieval of images from various medical imaging instruments. Imaging data for human and large animal studies in the Imaging Core are automatically uploaded to the principal investigator's WebPAX folder. WebPAX logins can be requested through iLab.
Manage and visualize Imaging Core data remotely using WebPAX


  • Collaboration Server
    This application enables secure delivery of large files, images, documents and other sensitive information within and outside Cedars-Sinai while providing tracking and reporting capabilities. For more information see here.