James D. Laur, Esq.

Vice President for Legal and Technology Affairs

As the Vice President for Legal Affairs in the Cedars-Sinai Legal Affairs Department, James Laur is the institution's senior intellectual property counsel.

Since 1994, Laur has played a leadership role in Cedars-Sinai's Technology Transfer Office, which has earned over $150 million in royalty income from its licensing program over the past ten years. In addition to managing the institution's intellectual property portfolio, Laur has been instrumental in structuring more than a half dozen spin-off companies based on early-stage technologies from Cedars-Sinai's research laboratories. Among the better known of these companies are Zynx Health, Inc., Prometheus Laboratories and Savacor, Inc.

Laur joined the Cedars-Sinai Legal Affairs Department in 1991. He serves as primary counsel for the Burns & Allen Research Institute and the Enterprise Information Systems Department, both at Cedars-Sinai.

Prior to joining Cedars-Sinai, Laur worked in the corporate department of the healthcare law firm of McDermott & Trayner. Laur had previously worked as an attorney in the international corporate department of the law firm of Van Doorne & Sjollema in the Netherlands. (At that time, Van Doorne & Sjollema was the Dutch affiliate of Clifford Chance.)

During Laur's tenure there, he dealt with legal cases involving intellectual property, software licensing, high and low-tech joint ventures, arbitration and general corporate matters. Laur handled projects on behalf of Dutch, English and American corporate clients throughout the European Union and the Middle and Far East.

Laur is a frequent speaker at local and international meetings on intellectual property issues, innovation management strategies and best practices.

He holds dual bachelor degrees, with honors, from UCLA in political science and philosophy. He earned his doctorate of law degree, cum laude, from the Boston College Law School. He is a member of the State Bar of California.