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Selected Key Publications

Kapoor N, Tran A, Kang J, Zhang R, Philipson KD, Goldhaber JI. Regulation of calcium clock-mediated pacemaking by inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in mouse sinoatrial nodal cells. J Physiol. 2015 Jun 15;593(12):2649-2663.

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Bögeholz N, Pauls P, Bauer BK, Schulte JS, Dechering DG, Frommeyer G, Kirchhefer U, Goldhaber JI, Müller FU, Eckardt L, Pott C. Suppression of early and late afterdepolarizations by heterozygous knockout of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in a murine model. Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol. 2015;8(5):1210-1218.

Shimizu H, Schredelseker J, Huang J, Lu K, Naghdi S, Lu F, Franklin S, Fiji HD, Wang K, Zhu H, Tian C, Lin B, Nakano H, Ehrlich A, Nakai J, Stieg AZ, Gimzewski JK, Nakano A, Goldhaber JI, et al. Mitochondrial Ca2+uptake by the voltage-dependent anion channel 2 regulates cardiac rhythmicity. Elife. 2015 Jan 15;4.

Torres NS, Sachse FB, Izu LT, Goldhaber JI, Spitzer KW, Bridge JH. A modified local control model for Ca2+ transients in cardiomyocytes: junctional flux is accompanied by release from adjacent non-junctional RyRs. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2014 Mar;68:1-11.

Myerburg RJ, Halperin H, Egan DA, Boineau R, Chugh SS, Gillis AM, Goldhaber JI, Lathrop DA, Liu P, Niemann JT, et al. Pulseless electrical activity: definition, causes, mechanisms, management, and research priorities for the next decade: report from a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute workshop. Circulation. 2013 Dec 3;128(23):2532-2541.

Groenke S, Larson ED, Alber S, Zhang R, Lamp ST, Ren X, Nakano H, Jordan MC, Karagueuzian HS, Roos KP, Nakano A, Proenza C, Philipson KD, Goldhaber JI. Complete atrial-specific knockout of sodium-calcium exchange eliminates sinoatrial node pacemaker activity. PLOS One. 2013 Nov 21;8(11):e81633.

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Schenke-Layland K, Nsair A, Van Handel B, Angelis E, Gluck JM, Votteler M, Goldhaber JI, Mikkola HK, Kahn M, Maclellan WR. Recapitulation of the embryonic cardiovascular progenitor cell niche. Biomaterials. 2011 Apr;32(11):2748-2756.

Torres N, Larbig R, Rock A, Goldhaber JI, Bridge JHB. Na+ currents are required for efficient excitation-contraction coupling in rabbit ventricular myocytes: a possible contribution of neuronal Na+ channels. J Physiol (London). 2010 Nov 1;588:4249-4260.

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Jumabay M, Zhang R, Yao Y, Goldhaber JI, Boström KI. Spontaneously beating cardiomyocytes derived from white mature adipocytes. Cardiovasc Res. 2010;85(1):17-27.

Neco P, Rose BA, Huynh N, Zhang R, Bridge JHB, Philipson KD, Goldhaber JI. Sodium-calcium exchange is essential for effective triggering of calcium release in mouse heart. Biophys J. 2010;99:755-764.