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Selected Key Publications

Benevides L, da Fonseca DM, Donate PB, Tiezzi DG, De Carvalho DD, de Andrade JM, Martins GA, Silva JS. IL17 promotes mammary tumor progression by changing the behavior of tumor cells and eliciting tumorigenic neutrophils recruitment. Cancer Res. 2015;75(18):3788-3799.

Salehi S, Benevides L, Willen J, Keech N, Dhall D, Meffre E, Targan S, Martins G. B lymphocyte–induced maturation protein-1 contributes to intestinal mucosa homeostasis by limiting the number of IL-17–producing CD4+ T Cells. J Immunol. 2012;189(12):5682-5693.

Rutishauser RL, Martins GA, Kalachikov S, Chandele A, Parish IA, Meffre E, Jacob J, Calame K, Kaech SM. Transcriptional repressor Blimp-1 promotes CD8(+) T cell terminal differentiation and represses the acquisition of central memory T cell properties. Immunity. 2009;31(2):296-308.

Martins GA, Calame KL. Regulation and functions of Blimp-1 in T and B lymphocytes. Annu Rev Immunol. 2008;26:133-169.

Martins GA, Cimmino L, Liao J, Magnusdottir E, Calame K. Blimp-1 directly represses Il2 and the Il2 activator Fos, attenuating T cell proliferation and survival. J Exp Med. 2008;205(9):1959-1965.

Cimmino L, Martins GA, Liao J, Magnusdottir E, Grunig G, Perez RK, Calame KL. Blimp-1 attenuates Th1 differentiation by repression of ifng, tbx21, and bcl6 gene expression. J Immunol. 2008;181(4):2338-2347.

de Moraes LV, Bueno V, Marguti I, Martins GA, Vallochi AL, Yamamoto GL, Panajotopoulos N, Mengel JO, Rizzo LV. Donor bone marrow cells play a role in the prevention of accelerated graft rejection induced by semi-allogeneic spleen cells in transplantation. Transpl Immunol. 2008;18(4):330-337.

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Martins GA, Hutchins A, Reiner SL. Transcriptional activators of helper T cell fate are required for establishment but not maintenance of signature cytokine expression. J Immunol. 2005;175(9):5981-5985.

Martins GA, Tadokoro CE, Silva RB, Silva JS, Rizzo LV. CTLA-4 blockage increases resistance to infection with the intracellular protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. J Immunol. 2004;172(8):4893-4901.

Martins GA, Campanelli AP, Silva RB, Tadokoro CE, Russo M, Cunha FQ, Rizzo LV, Silva JS. CD28 is required for T cell activation and IFN-gamma production by CD4+ and CD8+ T in response to Trypanosoma cruz iinfection. Microbes Infect. 2004;6(13):1133-1144.

Martins GA, Vieira LQ, Cunha, FQ, Silva JS. Gamma interferon modulates CD95 (Fas) and CD95 ligand (FasL) expression and nitric oxide-induced apoptosis during the acute phase of Trypanosoma cruzi infection: a possible role in immune response control. Infect Immun. 1999;67(8):3864-3871.