CT Protocol Management Made Easy

Make Patient Safety Your Priority

Protocol review is essential to ensure that patients undergoing a CT scan are receiving the lowest radiation dose possible for the desired image quality. ProtocolCare automatically reformats protocol lists from different CT scanner models—enabling you to easily review organized protocols and automatically identify changes between any two timepoints.

The first protocol management tool compatible with most major CT scanner vendors and models, ProtocolCare was developed by the clinical imaging physics team at Cedars-Sinai. A license for the software is available from the Cedars-Sinai Technology Ventures office.

How ProtocolCare Can Help

Reduce Errors

Errors can lead to regulatory concerns or overexposures. Reduce the risk of human errors by automating the task.

Meet Standards

CT protocol review is required for all hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission.

Improve Consistency

Compare protocols between scanners of different makes and models to ensure the dose and image quality are consistent across the enterprise.

Increase Productivity

Manual CT protocol management is an ongoing, laborious process, which can lead to staff frustration and significant additional machine downtime.

Why Choose ProtocolCare?

ProtocolCare helps you efficiently manage all your CT protocols, regardless of scanner model or vendor.


Compatible with newer scanners

Compatible with major vendors

Compatible with older scanners


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