Search Committee Resources

Search Committees

Cedars-Sinai is committed to attracting and developing the highest level of clinical and research faculty candidates. The resources below are designed to assist department chairs, institute directors, and search committee chairs and members in the search committee process. They are also intended to enhance the expansion and diversity of applicant pools in faculty searches.

Faculty Search Committee Guidelines (PDF)  

Unconscious bias:

To avoid unintentional bias, it is important for committee members to recognize the potential for positive and negative stereotyping. The following may be helpful to educate search committees on unconscious bias.


E-Learning Seminar—"What You Don't Know: The Science of Unconscious Bias and What To Do About It in the Search and Recruitment Process" (AAMC).

Implicit Association Tests

Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine (PDF)

Outreach for Faculty Candidates

For Minorities:

For Women: