Surgery Department Research

Since 2006, the Department of Surgery Research Division has experienced substantial growth in federal research funding in basic science and translational medicine. In addition to a marked increase in clinical research, our National Institute of Health (NIH) portfolio has increased substantially, raising our ranking among other departments of surgery from 90th to the top 25 departments of surgery. This success has allowed the division to partner successfully with two of the newly developed basic and clinical science institutes (Cancer and Regenerative Medicine), as well as other areas of research strength at Cedars-Sinai.

Specifically, NIH and U.S. Department of Defense funding has grown from approximately $500,000 in FY06 to more than $5 million in FY15, representing tenfold growth in federal research dollars.

The department of Surgery has also experienced rapid expansion in clinical research projects and trials over the past nine years, growing from $200,000 in clinical research funding in 2006 to almost $2 million in FY14.

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